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Tendon Lotion




This combination of warming herbs is best used for chronic conditions or old injuries such as tendonitis, which includes tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, shin splints, old sprains or reoccurring problems made worse by cold and dampness.

This classic herbal liniment formula is for a variety of sprain and soft tissue injuries. applicable for sub-acute stage two injuries or chronic stage three injuries.

When heat makes your injury feel better, this is the formula for you. Massage this lotion into affected areas twice a day. This unique blend of Chinese herbs works deep down into the tendons to stimulate circulation! There are many versions of this liniment on the market. This is the strongest formula available!

Indicated for: cold/damp, pain and stiffness, residual swelling

Ingredients: Cao Wu, Chuan Wu, Dang Gui Wei, Tao Ren, Gui Zhi, Ru Xiang, Mo Yao, Mu Tong, Zi Ran Tong, Da Huang, Lu Lu Tong, Zhang Mu, Ma Qian Zi, Tian Nan Xing in an alcohol base (for better absorption)

(2) fluid ounces of this incredible herbal combination works like no other and is a MUST HAVE in your herbal medicine chest!


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