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New Moon Tea




Andrew has designed these wonderful, tea recipe blends based on their psycho-emotional qualities and the herbs and spices, which relate to them. These blends are a powerful mixture of rich tea leaves, herbal formulations and a touch of tender loving care!

The new moon is a time for new beginnings. The new moon’s greatest yin energy is for birthing new ideas, intention and seeding new ventures. This time also marks the beginning of a major new cycle in your life.

Ensure the start of a new beginning with this fragrant, powerful, brisk and warming black tea with bright orange peel from the orange groves of Ojai, California and strong Ceylon clove and cinnamon spice.

New moon tea rituals are a fantastic and beautiful rite of passage in China and India. It is the letting go of the old and setting your intention for a new start to manifest within the 28 day cycle of the moon, from new to full!

“As the new moon approaches, enjoy a few cups,
of rich spicy tea for a quick pick-me-up.
Drink this black tea for at least 3 days hence,
set your intention, then watch it commence…
the start of your dreams, as you let it go to,
a place where magic and dreams will come true.”

These pharmaceutical health blends of nature’s most appropriate herbs are combined to make these teas just right! Our delightful teas are sold in 4 oz.bags.


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