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Kidney Formula 500 mg 90 tabs


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Supports Proper Function of the Kidneys & Adrenals*

Strengthens and rejuvenates the kidneys and adrenals*
Supports healthy urinary composition and flow*
Soothes and tones the urinary tract*

Kidney Formula is a rejuvenating tonic for the kidneys and adrenals. It supportsand composition, assisting in the natural cleansing of the blood. This energizing combination of herbs supports a healthy, unobstructed urinary tract and works to cool and soothe the entire urinary system. Stress and natural toxins from food and the environment can be challenging to the kidneys and adrenals over time, causing low energy and fatigue. Kidney Formula cleanses and nourishes these organs, infusing strength and improving resilience to such challenges.*

Kidney Formula contains traditional Ayurvedic herbs that support the proper function of the kidneys and adrenals. It rejuvenates the urinary system and promotes healthy urinary composition.*

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 tablets, once or twice daily, or as directed by your health practitioner.

Serving size: 1 tablets
Servings per container: 90

Amount per serving:
Proprietary Blend 500 mg
Tribulus fruit (Gokshura), tribulus terrestris
Boerhavia root (punarnava), boerhavia diffusa
Indian Tinospora stem (Guduchi), tinospora cordifolia
Indian Madder root (manjista), rubia cordifolia
Cyperus root (musta), cyperus rotundus
Hemidesmus Indicus root (anantamul), hemidesmus indicus
Passionflower herb, passiflora incarnata
Amla Fruit (amalaki), emblica officinalis
Belleric Myrobalan fruit (bibhitaki), terminalia belerica
Chebulic myrobalan fruit (haritaki), terminalia chebula
Coriander seed, coriandrum sativum
Fennel seed, foeniculum vulgare

Other Ingredients from natural sources: Organic maltodextrin, silicon dioxide. Free of gluten, soy and dairy. 100% vegetarian. Certified organic.

We are proud to feature Banyan Organics.
These very special Ayurvedic formulas are geared toward the health and well-being of each individual dosha. Maintains healthy digestive acid levels and a healthy stomach lining while supporting a comfortable post-meal experience. USDA Organic tablets.


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