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Healer’s Health Crystal Tea




* Andrew’s most unique blends of teas are infused with real crystal gemstones!  We blend a variety of crystals with specific herbs to enhance both the crystal’s properties and its herbal infusion.

Special crystals have been chosen to stir up “love and passion”, “psychic and intuitive spark”, “deep heart healing and connecting” and “boosting moods and uplifting emotions”.

The “crystal net” comes with each pound of tea and is placed in the herbs as the crystal’s powers are “energetically” decocted along with the tea. Try these one of a kind blends and the most unique tea product you will ever have! Enjoy them HOT or ICED!

Healer’s Health Tea – Incorporating the “drusy green” richness of aventurine with agate, the over all healing stone. These crystals acts as a bridge between the physical and etheric/spiritual, creating deep heart healing and connecting. They are blend with hawthorn berry, gymnema, and gingko biloba

These pharmaceutical health
 blends of nature’s most appropriate herbs are combined to make these teas just right! Our delightful teas are sold by (1) pound bag with crystal net and 5 or 6 crystals!


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