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If you are new to using crystals and their energy, you will need to learn how to clear and recharge your crystals regularly. When crystals are removed from the earth they begin to lose their energy. Clearing and recharging your crystals returns them to their natural frequencies which makes them more effective. There are many methods you can use to clear and recharge your crystals, but using the light of a New or Full Moon is simple and effective.


The energy of the moon and planets is more intense during a New and Full Moon making it an ideal time to cleanse and recharge your crystals. The steps to using moonlight are simple. First , create a sacred space outside where you can place your crystals under the moonlight. Second, set your intention while holding the crystals. Third,  put the crystals into the sacred place around dusk in preparation for the New Moon. Fourth, leave your crystals in the moonlight for at least 4 hours, but try to bring your crystals indoors before the sunrise.


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